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Jbrady33's 36 Gal bow (or how many random species can you cram in)

Ok all, here is my first planted tank. This top post will be the most current pic. Comments welcomed!

January 2015, freshly trimmed! I like the little "upper canopy jungle" thing growing near the surface. Started out as some mosee that a few float away stems stuck too, now I keep encouraging it

February 2014

March, 2013

After latest trim (the long stems start to bend and shade everything on the substrate - cut them down and jam the tops in the ground every few weeks)


Did you ever do a trimming and think "Ok, went to far, what the hell was I thinking?" I know it will grow back, but it just feels naked right now!

After trim:

Before trim:

Big cleaning & trim time - tank and canister!


9-5-2012, moved some plants around, trimmed melted leaves, opened up the front a bit. Ended up looking great, but did a large WC (40%) and learned a very hard lesson about my well water - it is Co2 rich and oxygen deficient. Lost about half my fish stock and all the RCS due to Co2 poisoning. Very disappointing as I purposely went low tech to avoid ever having Co2 equipment fail and gas the tank.

The wall of Anubias See the leaves climbing up the tank on the left side of the pic above? They are actually several little anubias plants from Petsmart - the rhizomes are clipped into suction cup airline clips have been there for months, seem to like it ok and are growing fine

from the side:

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