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It's been a while. I apologize about that.

I've been all over the place lately and the aquariums are more or less on auto-pilot.

This tank might look familiar - and it would if you've watched this video by Khoa Pham.

Upon Khoa's passing, I inherited the setup that he put together some 2 years ago, a 60-F system that under the cabinet looked like a car you might see in Fast and the Furious.

He had clearly been in the middle of something new at the time of the tear down. The process of disassembly took most of the afternoon - not because it was particularly complicated, but rather because I could tell his sister had been effected by the whole process of managing the belongings he left behind. Very carefully I took it apart, piece by piece, cleaning each item back to it's originally condition and placing them back in the original boxes that left my hands some 2 years ago, now returning in an odd twist of fate.

There's a deeper philosophical meaning behind all of this - about the temporeal aspect of Nature Aquarium. Perhaps a reflection of our lives and the temporary imprints we put on the earth.

In the end, Nature Aquarium is what we make it. It can be a precise measurement of science or it can take on deep philosophical meanings and become reflections of our personalities and outlook on life.

A long overdue update photo of the Mini M

Layouts take on a life and whimsy of their own - in part a reflection of us, in part a reflection on what we want to be and where we want to go. They contain our dreams and aspirations; past and present. Their temporary imprints on the world bring joy, frustration, excitement, creation and ultimately destruction. Each new layout is a clean slate and a new opportunity for learning, free of the restrictions of it's predecessor.

There's much we can learn from that.

Ultimately, it is whatever you make it to be and nothing more.
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