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for a simpler viewpoint

i'll point out that a test kit with 0 on phosphates can still support cyano bacteria growth because it can survive off of very low levels of po4

I've never had a tank or helped someone with a tank that had cyano as a result of proper biofiltration. THIS INCLUDED but is not limited to, decent flow, good oxygenation fo the water which is the most important, and a well established bacterial colony. Planted tank or not

low nitrates exacerbate the issue
low flow exacerbate the issue
cyano grows independent of kh and tds.. Ph hasn't seemed to matter either

these are just a kids opinions and viewpoints. but seen time and time again. and never seen in personal tanks that have above and beyond flow through the filtering system(10X turnover) which is comprised of 5% mechanical and 95% biological.

hope this helps

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