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Before Pics

These pics are simply awful. The color is all wrong. The focus is off. Everything is wrong with them. But they do show the condition of the tank before I cleaned it up.

The plants were severely overgrown. Several of them had reached the surface several times, and rather than trim them properly, I simply trimmed the tips back to their point of origin. That gave me about a week before they hit the surface again. Then when I got really busy and came back from being out of town, some of the plants nearly covered the tank's surface. My goal was to get the plants to grow. Well, they grew! LOL!

The problem was that the lower parts of the plants were being shaded so they were dying. Plus, many of the plants had put out a mass of water roots that congested things and trapped a lot of debris. Add to that the earlier algae on the lower parts, and I had a mess. As a result, the lower parts of the plants began to melt, causing even more algae problems. I suspect I was getting the beginning stages of rhizo algae in some places.

I had seen this coming, but didn't want to disturb the tank too much since my pelvicachromis had just had new fry, but when they lost the fry, it was time to clean up the tank.

These pics fail to show the reds in the plants. They did have red coloring in them. I just can't pull it back out of the pics without making everything look even worse. So just know that the plants were not so yellow/green. That's just because I didn't know how to use my camera.

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