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Before Pics

I got a few pics before I cleaned up the tank last weekend, but they're not very good. I was just messing with my new camera and not actually taking pics of my tank. Being the first pics I tried to take with my new camera, they came out horribly, especially the color. But they're the only pics I have of what the tank looked like before I cleaned it up. So I'm trying to clean up a few of the pics to show the "before" view of the tank.

This pic shows the strange green algae that I kept fighting in that tank. I never could identify this algae. I actually looked at it under the microscope, and it didn't match any of the algae we normally discuss in our tanks. It seemed unsusceptible to H2O2 and Excel, as well. It actually was quite pretty on the hardscape, but since it also got on my plants, I wanted it gone.

This algae had begun dying out on its own for some unknown reason. So I scrubbed it off the wood using a toothbrush. Fortunately, it seems to not be coming back.

If you look closely, you'll also see a few small tufts of BBA on the wood. I scrubbed this off, as well.

I'll post a couple more pics in a little bit.

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