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The original 7 Neons did great and were really showing good color so I went ahead and got 3 more Neons and got 8 Ember Tetras. I got the Ember Tetras and other Neons earlier today and were alreay eating along with the Neons, so thats good. I also added a black backround and I think it looks better than before, tank is doing good so far.

The Ember and Neon Tetras eating some frozen bbaby brine shrimp:


Current stocking as of 8/11:
10- Neon Tetras
8- Ember Tetras
2- Otos
Final Stocking Idea:
10 Neons
12 Ember Tetras
2 Otos
2 German Blue Rams

Any comments/suggestions/advice is always appreciated!
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