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I can't wait to see the pictures! Depending on how your comes out, I may try something similar with the new tank I intend to build. Just getting some minor details worked out.

By the way, the half planters that I was talking about, if you want fast, cheap and readily available stuff... most plant stores sell "Window Planters" that suction to the window and have a halfmoon shape, when you look down into the planter. throw out the suction cups, and glue it to the mirror, and cover the outside with coarkboard.

You wouldn't know where to get a good Humidistat, would you? I can find a lot of humidifyers, but thier only control is for the quantity of mist produced, not for the actual humidity level. Which is pointless, unles you sit there all day and watch a humidity sensor!

Really, I have to get this thing hooked up to my computer!

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