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Sump is pretty much done - just the coarse filter tray to silicone together. I managed to get all the tape out, thanks to a pair of 'remote fingers'. The trays are cut in half and midsection supports siliconed in.

Also washed and scrubbed the 50G, so that's out of the way.

It's still raining, so the MTS will have to wait. I did get some more of the garage cleaned up, but not enough to move the tarp inside.

Things I learned tonight:
  1. Use a low bench to work on tanks - saves your back and shoulders.
  2. When cutting plexi sheets, keep your table saw blade low to avoid chip-out.
  3. You can cut eggcrate on a table saw (low blade height).
  4. The pumps I'm using move a LOT of water.

Trays cut in half:

New middle supports (twice the width of end supports):

Some things I'd do differently next time:
  1. Use a router table to dress the edges of the plexi tray rests (or sander).
  2. Use some solid guides to keep the silicone edging neat - very hard to trim once inside the tank.
  3. Leave a little more room for the pumps.

I think both pumps could completely empty the 50-gallon tank in less than 3 minutes, so the return chamber that houses the pumps could empty in 30-45 seconds if a blockage occurs.

So, another addition to this project will be a float switch to turn the pumps off should a major blockage occur. Following that line of thought, maybe it won't be an issue due to the sheer volume the overflow can deal with. Testing in the garage will be my gauge.
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