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Originally Posted by izabella87 View Post
haha that first part of your comment gave me a good laugh... yeah you're right ive got the most massive *invisible* balls lol

I also got cats, a persian and a sphynx (very adventurous and energetic beasty) and they really dont give a flying f about the tanks even thow the Oasis is quite low reach for them. I think your tanks would b fine. If now, well there's also the electrical fence !

Thanks for sweet comments!
Yes, the "theoretical" balls of course!

And I actually started my tank open top and the cat would knock the lights in the water and yank/chew on the cables/tubing... He cost me about $100 before I put the hood on...

Hes not normal- hes close to a foundation Bengal so hes almost 1/2 wild cat! (Bengals are a combination of a wild asian leopard cat and a domestic tabby- known for being trouble and VERY active- but thats the fun!).

So Im stuck admiring your tanks! Very cool!
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