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Originally Posted by Kai808 View Post
Hey, Great to see another 12 gallon! Is this one going to be low tech like your previous tank?
Yes and no. I think I'm going to do DIY CO2 for a while, at least until everything gets into a balanced state. I haven't tried that with Hc before, it might not work to only do HC and DHG in a non CO2 tank. I don't have nearly as much natural light in this apt, so I'll have to provide enough lighting for everything to thrive.

Originally Posted by Kai808 View Post
Are you planning to keep the HC and the Hair grass separate?
wasn't planning to. I dunno, I didn't scape it with a border, with the idea that nature will define the border more naturally than I. Too optimistic? Will the DHG eventually overtake the HC?

Originally Posted by Kai808 View Post
I really like the look of your stones from the top but when are we getting a front tank shot pic?
Ask and ye shall receive. Actually, it's funny, I've been reluctant to look at the front of the tank after I initially 'scaped it, worried I might tinker with it and not let the DSM do it's thing. What do guys think? too little substrate? I've managed to do DHG with a very low amount of substrate, and my observation is HC can get away with very little. This is one 20lb bag of eco complete, and my sense is that the back right corner could use more, and perhaps the topography is TOO subtle. I think I might get two more bags, and put roughly 5lbs more in this tank, and put 35lb in the other. I find tanks flatten out anyway, especially with DHG as a ground cover.

(I have a slightly different planting composition in mind for the 2nd tank, but have been trying not to rush into setting up everything at once. More on this later.)

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