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CryptKeeper54's Schuber Wright Mini 66 (pic heavy)

My Schuber Wright Mini 66 has finally arrived. Packaging was good, everything arrived safe. Since I have been on a nano tank obsession as of late, I thought I would give this setup a try. It is a competitively priced nano aquarium "kit" which seems to be only growing in popularity.

I usually post in the Tank Journal sub-forum, but this nano tank is being built for all the planted nano tank lovers out there and I thought it to be more appropriate to post my thread here.

Out of the box. I love unwrapping presents to myself.

Backside view:

Lights (Two 13watt 6500K bulbs = 26 watt (Phillips brand bulbs included); the bulb is a standard gx23 base. The light splash guard is a thin sheet of plastic (unidentified type) that seems a little flimsy. I would have preferred glass but I'm sure there is a reason the company manufactured this light fixture this way. One thing to note is that this fixture gets hot to touch. I guess I have been spoiled by LED lighting as of late. I just hope it doesn't affect my water temps too much.

Close up.... the frame that holds the light fixture is non-tubular making it a little less rigid than I like my equipment to be. However, it is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. If you look closely, you can see this little metal stub (seems to be welded in place) that keeps the light fixture parallel to the tank.

I like the look of the setup as a whole. Very clean lines, simple and modern looking. I opted to purchase the Mini 66-1, which includes the Finnex PF-5 HOB filter. I wanted to maintain the footprint of this tank and accessories as small as possible. Finnex does offer an option for their canister PX-360 filter for an additional 20 bucks. Also, take note of the lighting plug as it is 3 pronged. Something to consider when you are purchasing a timer (most of my timers are for only 2 pronged plugs)

A few photos. (My tanks are taking up some major counter space and my wife is about to kill me...)

Notice the beveled front pane. Very elegant in design and I actually like the look but it remains to be seen how it looks filled with water. I wonder if there will be distracting and/or distorted views. I know my curved corners of my Eheim Aquastyle plays tricks with my eyes sometimes.

Glass clarity comparison to my Fluval Edge 6 gal. Clearly less iron. Finnex website states that it is "6mm thick Super White Glass." You can also notice the nice, clean and minimal silicone seams compared to the Fluval Edge.

Might not be a great indicator but here is a light comparison to my Fluval Edge. This kit is nicely lighted IMO. You be the judge.

A few shots from behind. Notice the clean lines and neat wiring. I'm guessing the rear bottom houses a ballast of some sort (forgot to check if that gets hot to touch as well..... I hope not).

Here is a 12 inch ruler for reference sake. Light is approx. 2.5" - 3" above possible water level. Keep in mind that the light fixture is in this fixed height position. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Schuber Wright designed the light fixture and base to provide optimal lighting for a planted tank so the fixed height doesn't bother me at all. Also, keep in mind that the light fixture swings backwards to provide you more room to work on your aquascape.

And finally, I want to make this tank great but I'm going to need help from my fellow TPT members. I'm torn between two possible hardscapes:

1. Branch Wood with possible small river stones, versus:

2. Using Ryuoh stones (I bought about 40lbs of this stuff a few months ago from an LFS; I'm becoming a hoarder of hardscape materials)

Overall thoughts: This is a nice setup that is competitively priced to compete with the big boy names that are flooding the market with "nano tank kits." I'm still torn on the lighting as I have become fond of LED lights and it's capability to cast shadows; which I absolutely loved ever since owning a metal halide fixture 10 years ago.

P.S. I'll look this post over for errors and typos, etc. I did this while half asleep...

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