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Update: 3 Weeks 8/8/12

I have to say the time has gone by slowly. I want to DSM this HC till its full and thick. I'm hoping by 2.5 months this HC will be ready to rock and roll!

On the contrary, I have seen some yellowing and browning throughout. It's not in an specific area but kinda of just in random places. It's not enough to scare me but I did let it air out for half and day which brought my water level down. I'm thinking that its just to wet in there. This next week I am going to keep the water level even lower and see how the HC responds. I did plant is somewhat large clumps; therefore, that could be the reason for the yellowing and browning.

On a more positive note, I've noticed the leaves are bigger and more lush which is a good sign. The pictures really don't do it justice but I will post my week 3 picture.

> Week 3 Picture
Attachment 52198

As far as my plans for my moss tree, I have decided to do a DIY Zip Tie Moss Tree. I actually went ahead and bought some manzanita branches off Craigslist for $7 each. See Pictures

>Branch 1
Attachment 52195

>Branch 2
Attachment 52196

>Branches 1&2
Attachment 52197

I bought 2 just in case I needed extra, but I'm thinking I am only going to need 1. I plan to cut one down to the size I want and zip tie the branches on top to form the right shape. I will keep you all updated on how that all unfolds; however, the DIY Zip Tie Moss Tree will not be fully installed until after my DSM is complete.

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