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Fluval Spec V - Betta home - Could use advice

Hi all,

I've been out of the fish hobby for quite some time but I always seem to find myself trolling through the local aquarium store with it being right across the street from work and all. I really don't have much space for any sort of tank but I couldn't resist after my last visit.

I picked up a Fluval Spec V!

Complete stock for now,
1 beta
seachem flourite substrate
few pices of driftwood and misc rocks

I really really really want this to be a planted tank. I picked up a few plants marked "Low light" but i'm afraid I chose wrong. Java fern, val, and forgot what the big one was lol

Anyone have suggestions on some plants I could pickup? I'm probably going to keep the java fern, and pickup some java moss always have luck with those. I'd like to have something to carpet the foreground with and something bigger for the background.

Should I be dosing with any nutes or adding any capsules / inserts to the substrate? A sales associate was trying to push a bunch of products on me, but I figured I'd cry out to the forums first.

I don't plan on running any sort of c02 or upgrading the light. Perfectly happy with it currently.

Would love to add some tank mates for the beta, recommendations?

on with pics,
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