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Originally Posted by vandominic View Post
Thanks TeteRouge! Sorry to know that nerites costs that much there. Me I just collect them from a nearby spring. But even if you have to spend $$ for these snails it could be worth it I think. Just for the sake of your tank. Just make sure thoug that you have a lid so they could not escape. In my case I dont worry if they do escape bec I have plenty of them. On this tank Im breeding Yellow shrimps (neocaridina het.) and keeping other shrimps also, Long nose sumateras, pinocchio, yellow stone shrimp, tangerine stone shrimp, macrobrachium sp, malaysian rainbow shrimps, caridina babaulti, glass shrimps, etc. Also breeding class n endler guppies here.
I agree nerites do a great job, I have them in all of my tanks! Just not as many, lol. The zebra and tiger ones especially like to explore. You have the guppies and shrimp together? Whatever you are doing, its working well and your research is very intrigueing!

29g heavily planted SA: driftwood, rock, currently a mess
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10g 3x divided Betta planted with no Bettas, only snails. Yes, I have backslid.


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