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Updated Image - August 8th, 2012:

Well, my fish count has gone down. I've lost 6 of the 10 cardinals in the first week. Since then, the remaining four have been strong. Just today, I found the small pleco had died a few days ago. So, I'm down to 9 raspboras, 4 cardinals, 3 red bristlenose plecos, and 6 panda corys.

The plants have been looking pretty good. Most of the new plants have been growing like weeks. Keeping the CO2 on overnight (on a pH controller), I've managed to get the CO2 to turn the drop checked a pretty constant dark green.

I've been fighting algae with mixed luck. It appears to be mostly hair algae with possibly a little thread algae. The moss on the log has taken the biggest hit; some of the first java moss was ripped out. Now most of the moss is algae-covered.

I've added a koralia 425 gph power head on the right side. This has increased the water movement throughout the tank. Still trying to figure out where to actually point it without knocking down too many plants.

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