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I believe it! You definitely sold me some excellent plants!

Plus, it's very happy in that tank. The others that I put in my 75g have struggled, but it's only because that tank has struggled more. It's actually been quite interesting to watch how plants in the two tanks have reacted. I split many of the plants between the two tanks (hedging my bets) so I was able to see how they responded to the different environment. It was very clear that the tank made a big difference in the success of the plants.

Even though I put the largest red tiger lotus in the 90g, I still put the next largest one in my 75g (trying to balance them out). I also put the very tiny baby in my 90g in another spot.

The red tiger lotuses in my 90g have become massive and explosive. Not just one plant, but all the plants I put as the centerpiece. However, the lotuses I put in my 75g have actually decreased in size. They lost their larger leaves and only the smaller leaves have survived. They are just now beginning to show signs of recovering (which matches the condition of the 75g in general).

Even the tiny baby lotus I put in the 90g has grown very nicely to the point it is larger than some of the small lotus plants I put in my 75g tank. That tiny baby was originally so small, I had to loop a plant weight around the base to hold it down. It didn't have enough of a base to actually plant in the substrate. But now it's definitely ready for me to move elsewhere.

BTW, remember my confusion of the different ludwigias? I think I may have finally managed to pick out at least two of the stems to be Ludwigia x lacustris. After I let them all grow, I noticed that a couple of the stems didn't branch out like the rest. So I separated them from the others. They are now beginning to show more of a rust/orange color. So I'm beginning to think they may be the Ludwigia x lacustris. I'm still not positive as I may have as many as 5 different Ludwigia species in my tanks so it's hard to figure out which one is which, but I'm hoping I'm beginning to get them all straight.

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