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Yup, that's the direct replacement for the tubing on the outflow. Remember that the 2211 has a smaller outflow than on the intake, which is the 12/16 tubing. Also, 10ft is *way* too much tubing for this pump as the max head on it is 3'11".

I am using the stock tubing on those pipes. The tank is placed in the middle of a shelf though, so I had to run two 90 degree turns in order to get the lines to the tank. In order to do this, I used the stock 90 degree elbows that eheim makes for the 12mm line, but the 9mm elbows are hard right angles which would have been [censored][censored][censored][censored] for flow. I wound up getting some acrylic tubing from TAP and making my own soft elbows super cheap, and have left over stock for homemade lily pipes (which I already did with 12mm tubing-- not too hard.)

If you need elbows and other accessories/replacements for the 2211 they can be hard to find, but I've found that Trilby Tropicals has everything for that filter. Great people there too.

And yeah, a 2211 for a 5g is going to be a lot. You'll definitely have to throttle the output. You might even consider a Zoo-Med 501, as a 5G is the perfect size for that thing (and I'm generally not that fond of that filter).
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