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Originally Posted by dunehole View Post
Some C. Parva might look good right at the edge of the rocks.. You may need a couple root tabs for them to grow their best.

Like the scape so far. Good luck.
Yeah I was thinking of crypt parva. As long as I can keep them really small they might make some nice bushiness at the bottom of the rocks.

Originally Posted by wetbizquit View Post
wow very impressed, im loving this setup might be my favorite edge setup, might have to bite your style for mine im selling my edge in the trade/sale section but if no one picks it up for 95$ bran new then i will have to tell my wife it didnt sell and i HAVE to set it up ha ha i cant wait to see yours up and running!!
Haha! Its definitely a challenging tank but worth it because of the super modern look. Super hard to get some sense of depth and verticality. My camera phone also can't take good enough photos of this for sense of depth.

Originally Posted by somewhatshocked View Post
Great tank.

Would be super-nice if you could do a DIY tutorial of all the components necessary to modify the light fixture with those LED bars. I see dozens of Edge threads with people wondering how to do it.
I can try post something in a few days when I'm not overloaded at work! But this definitely isn't as cheap as adding a few CFLs.

Originally Posted by radioman View Post
Are you worried about algae? Those lights look bright.
They are more even in terms of light spread. I'd probably say its upper low-med light. I don't have a huge spotlight in the middle of my tank. Its still there but not as aparent as with the stock mr11s. But then again, I also don't have it flooded. So it might change when the water goes up.

Originally Posted by sugarbyte View Post
I agree!

Which are the LED's you bought specifically?
I bought this set of LEDs. Its not as good as the AI nano or Current USA strips I have on my other tanks but its good enough for my purpose.

Next step, splash guard! So my LEDs don't have fried wires.
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