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MTS dried out, so re-soaked it and spread it around. Probably keep this up all week and it should be ready for the weekend.

Picked up the egg-crate, silicon, and some of the pipe fittings tonight. I managed to find the unions, but no 'sanitary-tees' in 1" - guessing that's not a standard so not available. This was after three different hardware stores - Lowe's, Home Depot, and Home Hardware (Lowe's had the best selection by far).

I think I'm going to have to up the size to 1.5" as I saw a lot of options for that. There is a Rona near my train station, so will drop by tomorrow after work in a last-ditch attempt. If nothing else, at least I now have a better drainage system (even if it's bottle-necked by the 1" bulkheads).

If I can find 1" 'wye-tee' fittings, then no need to get 1.5". If not...

Pipe shopping list:
  1. 3x 90-degree elbow (1" end fits into bulkhead, 1.25" intake)
  2. 3x 1.5"->1" slip bushing (adapter to go from bulkhead 1" to drain 1.5")
  3. 3x 1.5" sanitary tee (wye-tee eliminates waterfall effect)
  4. 1x 12-18" of 1" PVC (bulkhead inside spacer)
  5. 1x 10' of 1.5" PVC (drains)
  6. 3x 1.5" adapter - slip to male threaded
  7. 3x 1.5" threaded cap
  8. 1x 1.5" true-union ball valve (dual union)
  9. 2x 3/4" 'ball-style' check-valve (returns, non-spring)
  10. 1x 10' of 3/4" PVC (returns)
  11. 2x 3/4" threaded to slip adapter (pump connections)
  12. 4x 3/4" 45-degree elbow (return out of sump)
  13. 2x 3/4" 90-degree elbow (return enters tank)
  14. 1/4" tube x 3/8" NPT fitting
  15. PVC glue/cleaner

Great plumbing intro from FishGuyTV:

And another good plumbing/sump video:
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