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Sump design has been finalized - initial drainage onto coarse filter media (this will be periodically removed for cleaning), and then flowing onto 2-3 trays (egg-crating) of pot scrubbies. Water then flows under/over a set of baffles and into the pump/heater area for return to the display tank. Hopefully 20 gallons contained in the sump.

Tank overflow design is still coast-to-coast, although I may leave 3" on either end to avoid having the returns punching through. Have to see what glass costs before I make that call.

We ran our driftwood through the dishwasher yesterday, looks nice and clean. My wife will be putting it together into a nice display piece, moss and anubias will be tied to it.

After meeting the some local aquarium enthusiasts ( the other day, they suggested that I speak to the owner of 'Menagerie', an LFS with a good reputation for plants. Will be calling him this week.

I had really hoped to get some Black Diamond blasting grit, but everyone around here uses a local company's stuff that is made from nickel slag. Since nickel slag dust is poisonous to humans, I can only assume it'll kill fish/plants, too. I will post a quick question in the substrate forum to confirm.

Finally, today will be the first full day of sun on the MTS (I unfolded the tarp and spread it out before work), so hopefully its dry and ready for a re-soaking.

Pictures will go up later.
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