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6g Edge re-scape

Got bored of the mish mash in my original 6g edge. Going to turn this into the edge of an island. Got blasting sand with volcano rock with fissiden fontanus on top. No co2. Just a simple fissiden tank with green neon tetras and I think I'll finally try some shrimp when the fissiden has grown out!

I think the volcano rock will pretty much be the filtration media. Its porous and there is a lot of it.

Sometimes it helps being in the construction industry. Some of the"samples" I got. I need a little more of the small lava rocks though.

New lights!

Gotta break it!

To fix it!

Much better than MR11s or 16s. Got a 50W heater than can fit in the filter. So nothing will show but the intake.


I might want to try some small plants growing out where the rock and sand meet. Looking for something to contrast the fissiden but also be able to survive a no co2 tank. Any suggestions?

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