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Originally Posted by Nubster View Post
What are your parameters for the super tigers? What other shrimp will you be getting soon? Have anything for sale not listed? I am looking for some more yellow neos, PFR's, and I'd love to get some tigers again.
I had ordered a bunch of stuff, unfortunately, 2/3 of it did not come in.

The super tigers are in neutral water with low conductivity and room temp (about 74). I have bumble bees which are not listed, but would have to poke around and see what else I am hoarding and have forgotten about. I know I have a species that is not formally id'd (which I still have no idea about) that I got in as a bangladesh black bee as well as some low order gracilirostris. I also have a colony of dark green (not babaulti) which are establishing nicely. I do have yellow neos now, and a handful of nice cherries, but I don't know that i would call them PFR grade- good opacity though. I ordered more tigers today, but they had a rough trip. I need to let them settle in to see how they look but they appear to also be super tigers, also some with red striping. We will see if that is stress or true coloration tomorrow.
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