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Originally Posted by spifff View Post
with at much stock i hope you have a 400 gallon minimum! yow! the post above gives good information i'm just learning plants myself but have done all kinds of cichlids over the years. the peacock bass alone can get close to 20 inches each! personally i'd think about starting a separate planted tank most of what you have will redecorate how ever they see fit they could care less what you want, so i would think it would be a constant battle of you vs the fish with plants in there.

Yeah tank is quite small at the moment (100g). I will be upgrading to a 180 in about a year, and hopefully I can get a massive 500gal+ tank going after the 180. All the fish are juvies except the salvini and fenestratus. I know the pbass gets quite big. Seen a tank that had like 3 Orinos and 3 Monos... they were quite massive! I have a 10gal that I also wanted to turn into a planted once everything gets settled. But concerning the tank I'm trying to turn into a planted, the fish actually don't redecorate that much from what I've seen. The only one that moves anything is the two Oscars that I forgot to mention. I'm holding them for my brother, so they're only going to be in there temporarily.

not trying to sound rude i'm learning too i just don't think a mix like that even minus the SD's would leave plants alone very long it's also possible once they mature that you could have a blood bath between them on your hands.

I didn't think you came off as rude. Not too sure if the fish would leave the plants alone. Most of the fish listed are piscivores except for the SDs, barbs, and plecos. The SDs are going, and I think everything else shouldn't really mess with the plants. I'm not sure about the blood bath part though. At the moment, two of the bass are about 10-11" and they've eaten a five SDs and one lemon barb since they've been introduced (it's only been a few days). The other bass is about 4". I finally got them to stop eating fish and eating Hikari Jumbo Carnisticks. The only fish that actually tries to attack another is the Pink Paratheraps Fenestratus and the Salvini. The Salvini and the Pink PF is the only two that are really aggressive. The Salvini is only 6" and was picking on the Pbass and chasing them around.

whatever you choose good luck and i'll follow along.

Thanks! What I have pictured is going to be nice, but not sure if it will all go as planned.
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