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Originally Posted by xxUnRaTeDxxRkOxx View Post
How big is the tank you're using?

Also I would replace at least 2 of the 10000k bulbs for 6500k or 6700k bulbs, your plants will thank you 6500k bulbs are closest to actual sunlight, so they will help your plants alot.

Forgot to mention, I'd like to keep the 10000k bulbs. I know 6500k and 6700k are better for plants. Learned that from my brother who used to have some nice setups years ago. I think he has pics of them on here, but not sure. Would the plants grow at all with 10000k bulbs? I have the tank next to a window. I could open the blinds for a certain time of day for the plants or is that a bad thing?

I also recommend a planted substrate like aqua-soil, flourite, or eco-complete as the base layer of substrate, then covering it with 1/2" deep bed of black diamond.

Also would like to keep to just the black diamond. Is that possible? I've seen some nice setups with monster fish and plants and they only use pool filter sand as substrate.

As for the lighting schedule I would go for 9am to 4pm, just so your plants get a good amount of light for the day, but gives you a 7 hour window of lighting on the tank so the tank doesn't get an abundance of light causing algae blooms.

Wouldn't there be algae growing right now since I have the lights on for a quite a while? I was trying to get a nice coat of algae growing for the plecos.

Also what you doing for Co2?

I was hoping that I wouldn't have to add any. Is it possible to have some plants and not use a Co2 bottle?

You can go with Anubias plants, and Java Ferns and attach them to driftwood, but never bury the anubias and java ferns into the substrate or they'll die off.

Yeah, I remember something about attaching those to driftwood. I was planning on putting the other plants in the substrate, but not those two.
Thanks for the good info! I put comments/questions in red
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