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New to plants

I recently started the hobby back in April and I was always amazed by planted tanks and monster fish. I've gotten down the handle on monster fish now and still learning from one of the best along with several old forum posts on HFB. I'm constantly on HFB and posting, but this is really the first time I've started getting on this forum. I want to turn my monster fish tank into a planted tank, but I'm not familiar with plant types/species.

I've gotten a list of recommendations based on my livestock from a member on HFB. The list goes as: Vals, crypts, mosses, crinium, swords, stems, wisteria, and java fern.

My equipment: Proclear (not sure which model) wet/dry. Eheim 1060 return pump. AC110 (temp). Penguin 170 (temp). 48" coralife fixture with 4 10,000k bulbs and 4 blue LED.

Lights are on a timer. 8am-2am lights on. If schedule needs to be changed for plants, that can be arranged.

Substrate/Decor: Black Diamond sand (30-60 version). River rocks (temp). Four pieces of driftwood.

I'm planning on removing rocks, unless I can get them to look nice with the plants, and placing a lot more driftwood.

Livestock: 13x silver dollars. 3x peacock bass. 2x endlicheri bichir. 1x delhezi bichir. 1x ornate bichir. 1x Senegal bichir. 1x salvini. 2x flowerhorn. 1x largemouth bass. 1x datnoid. 1x red tail cat. 1x pink paratheraps fenestratus. 1x L-144. 1x BN pleco. 1x texas cichlid. 8x lemon barbs

I will be removing silver dollars because I'm going a different direction with my monster tank. Besides, they eat vegetation like no other!

Are there any other plants I could add to my list? Any specific types from general list? I don't want anything that requires any more equipment than what I have (i.e. co2, etc.). It must thrive well in hard water. As far as maintenance goes, if they grow fast, I can handle trimming. Keep in mind the livestock, equipment, and substrate/decor listed. The tank is slowly becoming a CA/SA theme tank, but plants from any part of the world is fine.


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