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There is a gentleman in Vancouver on Craigslist who advertises on and off, I believe the last price I saw was $5/per, he says high quality CRS. The Wet Spot in Hollywood has unknown quality, unknown price CRS as well as several neocaridina colorations.

I bought some CBS off an aquatic auction site whose initials are AB and it was a super duper good experience with one seller and a less great but still totally successful experience with another, and I ended up waiting two days for one order (ordered Monday, rec'd Wednesday) and five days for another (ordered Friday, not shipped until Monday, rec'd Wednesday), which is not bad altogether. They sure are fun to watch.

I know that some other places stock ghost shrimp/grass shrimp but I have no idea about quality -- between infestations of snails, duckweed, just plain diseased stuff? Frankly there's not a ton of places in town I would willingly purchase livestock or plants from, it's a shame.

I have some mild interest in trying a meeting of GPAS to see if there's people who sell/trade there but the forum doesn't exactly set the world on fire so I have low expectations. That might be a source for invertebrates too.
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