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New Projects

Originally Posted by GMYukonon24s View Post
Well I'm trying to think of things to post in this Michigan tab to get to know other people in michigan.

So do you have any fish projects?

Well I'll start in the near future couple weeks or so I'm planning to move my tanks from my family room to my computer room. Right now I have 1 110g and 3 10 tanks up. I plan on moving the 110g and then empty the 3 10g and move them in the 50g.
Hello GM...

Maybe you could let the people in the "Great Lake State" and the state with the 8th largest population in the US, know about the benefits of using Chinese Evergreens to keep the aquarium water pure. Attached are a couple of my biotope tanks, I have several others. The land plants grow emersed and the roots take in the nutrients from the water like the dreaded ammonia and nitrites and limits the water changes needed to keep the water pure. Just use standard HOB filtration as a backup and the only tank water that needs to be removed is so you can service the filters regularly.

Saw your post and thought this might be a good subject for discussion. Might work since you're looking for subject material. If not, sorry to bother you.


"Fear not my child, just change the tank water."

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