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My First Planted 29

Well my story goes a little like this, i wanted to set up a planted tank now for about a year and a half but never had enough time or money to do so. About a year ago I upgraded my tank from a 29 Gallon to a 55 Gallon in hopes of making it a planted tank and i was almost there, I just bought the light fixture which is a T5NO to avoid putting in CO2. The reason i didnt end up putting it up was the fact that when it was allmost topped off with water, i checked the basement and there was a small bump in the ceiling exactly where the tank was, long story short, I couldnt finish setting it up because my dad thought that one day it might cave in and didnt want to take any chances.
So now im back with my old 29 gallons of water so I decided, Hey why not plant this one? Since i already had all the main equipment i only ended up having to buy the flourite, fish, and plants.
Heres the tank all set up about to finish cycling. I just put the flourite and planted some of the plants i got last night. I do not know some of the plants i got but i do know one was a amazon sword and another a anubus of some kind but not reallly sure, the other plants the man at my lfs said they should do good in the kind of light i have so i decided to give them a chance.
Heres a picture of the tank last night:

Here it is this morning, a little more clear:
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