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I do not use CO2 since its not cheap and I've heard that it is hard to tweak to not-to-kill your shrimp :-)
For light I am using a coralife 24 inch 36 watt, providing medium-to-high light for a 10 gallon, sufficient for my low-light plants.
substrate is regular black sand, cheap and nothing fancy.
No ferts for plants. I tried to minimize the chemicals that I put in the tank.

I have some small driftwood in the tank and an almond leaf in the tank to lower the PH a little bit but I think the current PH is between 7.8 and 8.0. Ammonia and Nitrite is 0 and nitrate is around 20.

No measurement for KH/GH since I do not have the kit (I think somewhatshocked knows more about the tap water used in Lexington :-))

10% water change once every week using Lexington tap water and Dechlorinates
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