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I'm probably going to head out to Big Al's on Sunday and get all my goody goodies. I've filled the aquarium 4/5th and no leaks have occurred (awesome).

But damn has it gone really foggy lol hopefully most of it will clear out by Sunday so I can put in my driftwood and start cycling the tank a bit (using snails and the bacteria that remains on the DW and moss).

But hey, if it doesn't I can always use the brown foggy water as a test for my filters lol. In the meantime, I think I'm going to work on designing my peat filter or see if I can get an RO unit in my basement sink.

p.s: I'm wondering how I'm going to put the HOB filter on the roof of my aquarium, since this'll be my first time using one. I can't seem to visualize it lol.

Am I suppose to remove the plastic part or remove it entirely to make way for the HOB filter?

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