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Originally Posted by Vermino View Post
.... Yeah, personally don't want to pay like $40-50 on shipping for livestock. I just did that with plants from AZgardens and that was BRUTAL (baby tears, DHG, flame moss, and some other plant which was supposed to be dwarf saggiterias)
It's just sad we dont have a very active community here in vegas. I would love to get into the shrimp hobby (get some CRS's one day) but who knows if I could be like Priapus or the Reaper
I've been there with AZGardens, whew! Just did an order with LiveAquaria- a little less, but still!
Well, there are 6 of us right here that have planted tanks and 5 that either have or want shrimp. There are another 4 that occasionally post. There have to be more of us out there, TropAquarium says every time they get cherry shrimp in, they sell out right away. Petco on Rainbow/Spring Mtn gets cherries, and they go even at $5 apiece… so maybe we have a start at least.
Originally Posted by ddrfreak_tung View Post
yes, i would've loved to find some buddies when my tank was thriving. it got a little out of hand when i relocated 7 times within the year lol. but we should all have a get together monthly once everyone knows one another. we could trade plants and shrimps ect...

....and maybe after awhile we all could have a bi monthly purchase where everyone pitch in for whatever they wanted and we could all split the cost of shipping. =D
....sometimes if the order is large enough, shipping is free Even though overnight is really the best, its still a trip when the shipping costs as much or more than the order.

hmm... maybe sometime soon we should all try for an informal meetup.

Good looking shrimplet, Combswillie!

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