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This is not intended to be a vendor review, just a vent of my frustration.
Well after my excitement after finding my first berried OEBT I was greatly disappointed today. I made an order with a vendor that wont be name but all but one of my shrimp from that order arrived dead. Luckily they were not OEBTs but they were supposed to go into this tank. The packaging was not great, compared to the hobbyist that sell here and are not running a business it is horrible. This vendor sells breather bags but does not use them and only wraps the bags containing the shrimp sparsely in newspaper. Some foam insulation would have been nice or at least more newspaper. The bags were filled barely with any water. The shrimp were sent from within the state and I stayed home just to receive them. I greeted the mailman and opened the package immediately. Depending on how this vendor addresses things I might not ever order from the again. Sorry for the rant, but I expect someone who is running an online business to have at least the same packaging standards as hobbyist here. All the shrimp I have ordered from this site have been package professionally. All of them used breather bags and newspapers, but most of them had at least foam insulation and one had fiberglass.

Trying to acclimate and not shock the remaining shrimp is kind of hard. I opened the bag immediately to dump the bag water into my acclimating container, dripped tank water, added some prime, and removed the dead shrimp after the picture below.

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