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Originally Posted by BDoss1985 View Post
You'll change it lol, get to looking at new plants in the sale threads and bam rescape time!

haha i have 30g tall cray tank that i'm currently attempting to make panted. we will see how long that lasts, but so far i've been able to keep pennywort in it for almost two weeks. yesterday i went and bought giant hygro kompacts with very thick stems to see if they will last :-)

then i have my 10g CPO tank that needs a proper scape. its been my i don't want this plant or rock, but i can't bring myself to just kill.

then there is my 20gl peacock gudgeon tank that i've had an outbreak of staghorn, that i am debating tearing out all of my plants and rescaping the whole thing :-)

so no i don't see myself re-scaping that 29 anytime soon. :-D


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