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Originally Posted by xenxes View Post
WOW that IS PLANTED!!! Lol you stuffed full, dirt substrate I hope? It's only holding 8 gallons? I wouldn't put fauna in there... maybe the platies I gave you, or some shrimp. Looks like it'll boil in there. What's that glass cube?
Ahaha.. It's only 2 plants! Well the ones you can see lol.. Theres tons of random stuff planted underneath the water lol..
And I have a lily on the way!
Stuff will be pulled and trimmed as it grows in.

Its a giant layer of Laterite mixed with... uh... a mixture of horse compost, MGOPS, and soils from various piles of different soils from around my yard.
I just mixed it till it felt right. Thats capped with a 2" layer of sand which is capped with a 1.5 inch layer of pond soil.

Only 8 gallons of water left.
The only fish in here are purely for mosquito control.
Even though it's 8 gallons its actually quite spacious. It surprised me that it was only 8 gallons. My gourami would be happy in there I think. But I don't feel comfortable putting him in there right now. Too cold.
It actually stays between 60 - 75 in the tub. I was thinking a betta.. Or my gourami in warmer weather. Or maybe a few whiteclouds.
Not sure yet.
Problem with whiteclouds is that they breed... I hate homing fish babies.
We will see. Nothing is going in till the lily is in and the plants have taken off...

The glass cube is another carnivorous plant. My american pitcher plant, sarracenia purpurea.
Set up alot like my VFT but geared more towards water retention.
They get a nice purple maroon colour and have nice sort squat pitchers for most of the year.
They get about 12" in length. But their shape is cute and rounded.
Great fly catchers. Seriously.
Mine catch like 9 flies per pitcher per day. It's getting to the point where the flies can just crawl out again because the pile of bodies is so high.
Mine is also still very small so..
When it gets bigger I can only imagine.
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