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Could use some advice please

I am a long time saltwater guy moving over to freshwater planted and am a bit confused on the lighting. I have been using T5 HO and Metal Halide so long I am unfamiliar with today's lighting options for freshwater.

I am setting up a 20 long, which is 30" long and 12" deep. I plan to use a versa-top glass canopy. I am only interested in some lower-mid light, easy to maintain plants. I do not want to have to use any CO2. I plan to use Eco-complete substrate. Ive read that some plants like Anubias, java fern, and maybe couple swords would be a pretty easy to maintain tank. It sounds like just the Eco-complete and Seachem Flourish Tabs would be sufficient for those?

So I would like a light that would allow me to keep some plants, but not require CO2 or ferts.

The light needs to be able to sit on the aquarium, I can't suspend it. Is it best to just put something like this on the tank-

Or would I need 2 of those? Is there a better option than those lights?

Thanks for any help
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