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here is the picture of the tank that I will be working on I've been cleaning it down and scrubbing it hardcore since my friend dropped it off at my place for free (: oh man was it dirty... even the rack was rusting. I'm happy that I made it decent looking.

From reading all of your posts (thanks again), I'll look into a HOB filter to get (I suppose having mechanical filtration couldn't hurt at all and would benefit the water quality). I'm going to have to make it CRS baby proof though (I'm going to assume that covering it with a panty hose + covering the intake with a sponge is the way to go).

Does anyone have any HOB filter brand they would recommend?

and will I really require baby shrimp food? Isn't biofilm and the food I'll feed the adults be enough?

and although I do have water lettuce, I feel that the duckweed is favorable in my case because they require less care (practically none at all). The water lettuce in my current tank isn't thriving as much as I'd want it to, whereas duckweed will thrive regardless of practically anything.

and I'm not going to use any ferts in my tank. And although I would enjoy a variety of mosses, I feel like I should stick to what I know and have an abundance of lol. The Java moss thrives in my low lights and fertless tank.

What I'm going to do now is get me some black bristol board to cover the back of my tank and start throwing in the substrate as soon as it gets here and look out for any leaks (:

oh and lastly, I've taken note of the re-arrangement suggestion and now have it planned as:

Either having the cholla wood breeding tubes as diagonal or horizontal with the sponge filter in the back (:

I will be getting a master test kit in the future along with a thermometer and heater so until then I suppose
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