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I've never had raccoons get into my pond, although we do have them. Lately they've been tearing our grill apart while we sleep, the little buggers. But a heron or hawk got into my pond twice, two days in a row. He left behind some feathers, and made quite a mess of the pond. I had seen a hawk sitting on the edge of the pond just the day before. Now I keep netting over the pond. It's not pretty, but I haven't lost any fish since. But our messages here all the same, be prepared for predators. I even lost a goldfish to a bullfrog once, he snagged the fish right in front of my very own eyes. It happened so fast that if the fish's tail were not hanging out of the frog's mouth I would not have believed it actually happened! So now whenever I get a big bull frog I catch him and release him in another pond miles away. Instead I have a dozen or so green frogs that are pretty much tame and never bother the fish.
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