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Originally Posted by Joraan View Post
WOW! Really..MTA must have Super train for YOU on Weekends...How about the waiting time to get B train from A train...Walking time to climb up to Grand Central to Get #6 train...
1) Ummm...maybe YOU need to be in better shape?

2) Or take the escalator since you can't handle the walk? Oh wait, the downdraft of the wind might increase your travel time as well.

3) And also, a map would help greatly if you find yourself taking a B to an A. Before you make another excuse...oops, I mean...sure they may be out of maps, then download an app onto your phone to have a map accessible.

4) 7 train to the 6 is all you need...but somehow I think you already know this......ergo this conversation is pointless to continue.

Best thing for you is probably not to attend, we wouldn't want you to " go out of your way" and travel over an hour just to meet people here to exchange ideas/items and have a good time.

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