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Definitely swap the sponge and cholla wood as suggested by acitydweller. Shrimps love cholla wood, this way you can observe them close to the front of the tank.

Other random thoughts,
- At least add a HOB.
- You can definitely use GTA tap water to fill the tank initially. Use RO afterward if fine. Even with our PH7.8 tap, it should drops to 5.1 - 5.3 in a few hours, thanks to the substrate. PH will slowly go up to like 5.8 in 2 months.
- Wait for at least 6 weeks before adding shrimps, with just two sponge filter it will take a long long time to cycle. I didn't add shrimps to my first Netlea tank until 3 months later, but you don't need that long for shrimps to survive.
- 10 - 15 CRS aren't a lot in a 30G, I would go for like 20 to 30. But you can start with 10 - 15 and if they are stable and start breeding then you are fine.
- Food-wise, you have a good selection. I'd suggest to also feed them blanched veggies of your choice.
- You will want some baby food, they aren't just for babies, adults like it too.

PS: while java moss is popular, I'd add other types such as phoenix or peacock or Christmas. They look better than java moss especially when you don't have good lighting and proper ferts.

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