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In your drawing, do you have enough room in the sump for the water that will drain down from a power outage? I know the Bean Animal has very little water that drains down, but just making sure!

Test some flow patterns, even in a smaller tank. Toss in some stuff the floats, and some stuff that sinks slowly. See where it goes when the water is aimed in different ways.
In the picture above I would have the dark blue plumbing outlets aimed almost directly toward the viewer. The maximum flow is across the surface of the tank, then down along the front glass. If you see debris accumulating under the box then yes, the smaller pump could clear that. Or you could put a T in the line and have some water going each way.

Is this going to be viewed from more than one side? Which sides?

My concern about the Bean Animal is that the water enters it from the upper surface, and this seems to me allows debris to stay on the substrate. Not enough water movement to keep it suspended until it is removed. Great system for surface scum, though. I would not want duckweed or similar plants in this system, but I do not see a problem with the occasional leaf of something else drifting around.
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