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Not sure about the hikari food, both the micro pellets and shrimp cuisine contain copper sulfate which from my understanding is harmful to shrimp. On the topic of the sponge filters, I really don't think you'll over do it just due to the way the outputs work on them and the fact that they will give a great feeding ground for the shrimps. One thing that id suggest is a heater in case it gets very cold in your room at night or if you have temperature shifts. CRS do like cold water but they don't like temperature shifts and in my unlucky experience they can go into shock if the temp varies too much. Finally Id suggest giant duckweed or frogbit but if you cant get either then normal duckweed is fine. I find the shrimp love to swim upside down and hang onto it feeding on anything yummy and it does a great job of filtering the water. It also is great due to its ability to give the water some cover and seems to encourage the shrimp to come out more. If your really serious about breeding id suggest fresh organic veggies and a mineral stone for the shrimp. If this is your first time with CRS be prepared for deaths and trial and error. CRS are extremely fragile especially if your ordering them and in my experience are troublesome to get adapted to new environments. Hope I haven't discouraged you and good luck.
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