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Originally Posted by hydrosparky View Post
What is the temperature in the tank? I have rams and I was thinking to get some tiger hillstream loaches, but both are very different. Rams love warm slow water, while tigers love cold fast water. Where did you get those tigers? Have they spawned for you?
my temp is currently around 75, it fluctuates with my apt temp, so it varies from 73 to about 78 through out the day.

the high flow hits the glass and comes down onto my river rocks and then gets broken up by my line of wood behind it. so i am able to get away with high flow for my loaches, and filter feeders, and low flow in in the back area from my rams.

to aid the rams while feeding i usually turn down the flow.

they were listed at the store as reticulated hillstream loaches, not tiger hillstream loaches, idk if those are different varieties. they have not spawned for me, but im not really trying to get them to spawn.

Originally Posted by BDoss1985 View Post
Love those loaches, the tank is growing up nicely

thank you. this is first arrangement I've done where i look at it and think "i can't imagine another way to set it up"


Hillstream/Boreno Loach Refuge

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