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FOR SALE: A few plants and a few juvenile Yellow Tiger Endlers

Local pickup only. I live in Flower Mound near the CAC. PM me if you want any of the below items, and I will arrange a pickup place and time.
Yellow Tiger Endler juveniles: $12.00 for the six of them. I will not sell them separately. They are unsexed at this point.
I have some Wisteria, Anacharis, and a little bit of java moss too. About 4 algae-free, healthy Wisteria stems, about ten stems of Anacharis, and I'll give ya a golf ball sized portion of Java Moss if you want a bit.
GENERIC SNAIL WARNING!! ALL THESE PLANTS MAY HAVE SNAILS AND/OR SNAIL EGGS! If you get a baby RCS or two, well, there's no charge for a shrimp that was stupid enough to cling onto the plant lol. Just PM me with what plants and or fish you want, and an offer along with it.
Thank you!

P.S. I will get pics up tomorrow when the lights are on.

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