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Wink Update: 2 Weeks 8/1/12

Some of the HC has turn a bit yellow; however, some has turn a lush green and I have actually started seeing some new growth. I'm starting to realize how slow this stuff actually grows. On the bright side, I'm past the initial stage where the HC needs to establish itself.

This next week I expect a noticeably more growth and even more the week after. I will keep you all updates.

I plan to do this DSM for AS LONG AS IT TAKES! Call me dedicated, but I want this stuff to cover everything!

See the pictures

Attachment 51802

Attachment 51803

Attachment 51804

Attachment 51805

Future additions:

I want to create the prefect looking moss tree in the back right corner. I have a piece of wood that will work for the trunk of my tree. I currently have it in another tank. However I am depabatiing whether or not the buy a different piece.

Right now, I'm thinking I can mount a rock to the top of this piece and mount a base to support the weight. Then, I could hairnet Ricca or some other type of moss to the rock creating a tree.

My piece of drift wood is about 7" high and 2" thick. The rock I would want would be about 1" thick and 6" wide in a circular shape. Like the type of rock you look for when you are at the lake skipping rocks.

Another idea that was presented to me was to use crumpled up screen( not metal) for the top of my tree.

Other then that, I'm thinking about growing a few moss rocks below the tree - still in the light - to look like bushes.

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