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Jed, you sure have gone to hell and back. I bet that berried momma can replenish your entire shrimp population and then some in no time.

Your cherries are beautiful and makes me want to get them in the tanks once again. I havent had cherries in a long while. I probably chimed in your help thread once before.

here are their ideal water parameters:
Cherry Shrimp
PH: 6.4 - 7.6
KH: 0 - 10
GH: 4 - 14
TDS: 80 - 200
Water temp: 18 - 23

if you are seeing a bad molt, there may be a calcium deficiency. try feeding spinach once or twice a week or some calcium enriched pellets or flake foods.

Actually seeing eyes on the eggs is such an awesome sight. you must be excited.

bear in mind, rising temps, ammonia / nitrate spikes (common when overfeeding), high tds, fertilizer dosing (not applicable here) and extremely high gh may cause random deaths.

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