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So the other day i lost my last Apisto Borelli. i wish i could say i was surprised, but i hadn't seen her in almost a week, until this past saturday when i saw her, and she didn't look good. in the two mins it took me to bring her food, she had gone back into hiding.

I had been looking to add a few new fish to the tank, but had been holding off in hopes of finding a male apisto borelli locally.

(i lost the cord to my camera to sadly this is from my phone for once. which as you can see sucks for tank photos. 8megapixel camera cant take a decent tank photo, who knew?)

and of course the vastly different and overstocked stock list

2 Golden Wonder Killi (one male one female)
2 German Blue Rams (I i think 1 male and 1 female)
5 Reticulated Hillsteam Loachs
6 Corys (1 aneus, 1 Albino, 1 Juli, 3 pandas
2 Penguin Tetras
2 Rummy Nose Tetras
unknown #of full grown RCS
3 Bamboo Flower Shrimp
1 Vampire Shrimp
1 Zebra Nerite Snail


Hillstream/Boreno Loach Refuge

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