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Week 2

Everyone seems to be settling in. I have had no more deaths and my berried female is still berried, so I'm happy. I found some beautiful molts in the tank this morning and I have a few females that could end up berried because they are as stuffed as my berried female was. But as of this morning, no new mamas-to-be.

These guys aren't getting the concept of the feeding dish. I'm not getting the shrimp balls or sissy fights that I get with my RCS. But of course, the RCS are accustomed to gourmet catered meals already. I'll find maybe three or four shrimp in the dish at a time while the rest seem oblivious to it. And it looks to be the same individuals in the dish each time. I'd like to see more feeding from the dish because my RCS colony grew, with more saddled and berried females, and more molts once I started feeding them directly instead of allowing them to forage and steal what they could from the pygmy cories. The BVs are still small, so any little bit helps.

The flame moss is starting to develop some hair algae and BBA. I'm not sure what to do about it other than pick it out by hand and trim the moss. I've had bad experiences with Excel and nerites, so I'm not going to take the risk of harming them. My photoperiod is about 8 hours and the light is only a 15w T8. I'm going to go to Petco today to see if they have any Amanos to take care of the hair algae.

I bought what were supposed to be blue ramshorns from a member here. They all arrived alive despite major USPS screw ups. I had them in QT for a week because I'd rather have one die in a Tupperware bowl than under a rock in the tank and cause an ammonia spike. One of the smallest ones did die. I put the remaining nine in the tank this morning. They look white, not blue, but they were cheap, so I can't complain. I just hope I'm not unleashing certain doom upon the tank. I don't want a population explosion and I don't want them to push the shrimp out of the feeding dish like the mystery did.


Selling it all!
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