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I like the idea of LES because we can all meet up at or near Pacific, talk/trade/hug or whatever, then walk and visit 4 nearby shops together which i think is pretty cool... Great opportunity for those outside of manhattan who haven't been to Pacific/123/WIN/aquastar to score some deals.

Bryant park is cool to meet but subject to the weather and there's not much to do around there. There's Cafe o' on 42nd and Duke Cafe on the next street that can host our meet indoors there.

14th street union square is cool because there's usually a street fair on sundays and there's the flagship petco to checkout afterwards.

Our last meet was at fishtown u.s.a / Oasis Cafe so i know that's definitely doable for some queens/long island folks.

In flushing, there's Northern aquarium/petland discounts. if we can arrange rides, we could extend it to hole in the wall shops:Kissena aquarium (discus/koi/ reasonably sized fresh and salt water stock) and rainbow aquarium (carrying discus/cichlid/CRS/food/supplements).

i think the meeting place is probably more important to narrow down first as the rest can be sorted out soon after. im sure if we needed to invade a whole foods or starbucks nearby, its all doable.

This meetup should be worthwhile and fun for everyone. Not to mention we haven't collected a list of stuff people are bringing or offering. definitely some goodie bag stuff going around for the community

Oh yeah, we arent going to people's houses in astoria so please don't ask :p

Again, posing ideas.

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