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This weekend I bought myself a few Seiryu rocks from the good folks at Aqua Forest Aquarium, some new hairgrass, and HC. While I just moved, and have many other things I need to attend to, I wanted to get the Dry Start going, so viola, here's where things stand this weekend:

At the moment, I don't have: a stand(s), substrate for the 2nd tank, 36" lights, my wife's permission for the second tank! Edit: got it!

B/C of that last point, I'm DSMing HC in tupperware for the eventual 2nd tank. While in the tank I'm using eco complete, the tupperware is old flourite gravel. Should I put fertilizers in the tupperware? I hear it can bring on the algae/mold.

Anyone have any suggestions for a stand? I see that Mr. Aqua stand is discontinued, and keep in mind I intend on doing a double long setup. I may have to start drawing up a DIY design...

Anyway, now I wait. As you can see, I'm using the window sill to tilt it while DSMing. That shouldn't be problem, right? (Poor puppy, the tank is in her sunbeam napping spot.)

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