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the_Intricacy's 12g Long... double-fisted!

Tank - Mr. Aqua 12G Long (x2)
Filter1- Eheim Eco Pro 2236
Filter2- Eheim 2213
Lights- ???
Substrate- Eco Complete (20lbs x 3)
CO2 - DIY Yeast (planned)
Stand- DIY (planned)

Java Fern (multiple species)

Orange Sakura Shrimp
Endler/Fancy Guppy hybrids (Starter fish)

Original Post:
Hello! First time caller, long time lurker!

I've been in the hobby for about five years now, and things were going great... I got pretty good at using the copious amount of natural light of our last apartment in a pseudo low-tech setup (diy co2, diy external co2 reactor, no ferts, t5 lights at night)

My previous tank, a 20G:

But then I moved across country this summer and unfortunately things did not go well for the majority of my aquatic friends. You see, although I thought I planned well; setting up a temporary tank at a friend's house, learning how to ship breather bags... I didn't account for the freak heat wave that hit this July.

As a result, RIP:
- 40 red cherry shrimp
- 12 pygmy cories
- All my blyxa japonica
- Most of my dwarf hairgrass

But, of course, "Crisis brings opportunity," blah blah blah.

Having already sold my old tank in Massachusetts, it was time to start anew! Having access to the bay area (again), and their wonderful LFSs, I went shopping! Unfortunately, my budget just couldn't justify getting the ADA tank I've been lusting after for years, however, a certain Mr. Aqua 12L tank had caught my imagination anyway, mainly because of this thread. (Which also motivated me to start this tread)

The vendor I bought it from packed it well, and sent it quick, but nonetheless, after putting in my substrate, I noticed a tiny leak, and a closer inspection found this:

I was rather startled to find the customer service sent me a new one rather quickly, telling me that UPS might be around to pick it up, and if not, please dispose of it myself. Well, that brings me to the present day, as I now find myself with not just one, but two of these beautiful tanks, as a generous glob of silicone will probably patch that leak.

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